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My First Camera purchased at age 12, held together by tape in this photo at Bennington

Merri with Pentax 6x7


I purchased my first camera at age 12 with Bingo winnings when visiting my grandmother in Bermuda. I began my study of BW photography that fall.

Education and work:

Phillips Academy, Andover Mass. 4 years study under Stephen Wicks and David T. Hanson. Morse Art Prize

Bennington College: BA in photography and literature. Studied under Neil Rappaport. Non-Resident term internships at art museums in Charleston WV and Fitchburg MA and photo gallery in Vt.

UNC-Chapel Hill: MA and doctoral studies in Comparative Literature

Manager of France International, a philatelic business that specialized in topical/thematic rare items for collectors and exhibitors including artwork and die proofs.

After a long hiatus and detours, I moved to Colorado. In 2009, my husband gave me my first digital DSLR camera. That year and the following, my work was on exhibit at Hal Gould’s Camera Obscura in Denver CO.

Since then, my work has been on exhibit in juried shows across the US such as MN, VT, NJ and NYC. Won First Prize and Honorable mention in international contests.

Ongoing projects:
Photographing animals, habitats and landscapes in my local neighborhood. My photographs have been highlighted in local projects from different organizations and individuals.

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