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Merri with Pentax 6 x 7

My First Camera purchased at age 12, held together by tape in this photo at Bennington

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Merrimon Crawford
PO Box 741324
Arvada, CO 80006


Merrimon Crawford was born in North Carolina where, in addition to Bermuda, she spent the early part of her childhood.  Her passion for photography began at age 12 when she bought her first camera with bingo winnings from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.  That fall she began her study of photography at Phillips Academy (Andover) under Stephen Wicks and David T. Hanson.  At graduation, she received the Morse Art Prize.  She graduated from Bennington College with a BA in photography and literature.  Both Andover and Bennington placed an emphasis on artistic and technical achievement as well as the history of photography. During Bennington non-resident terms, she interned at several art museums.  After Bennington, she pursued an advanced degree in Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   As a graduate student and afterwards, she had the opportunity to work with philatelic artist proofs and paintings at France International, a small philatelic company dedicated to finding rare items for collectors and exhibitors.  After marrying and moving to Colorado, Merrimon Crawford finally returned to her original passion --- photography.   Her favorite photographers are Ralph Gibson, Jerry Uelsmann, Minor White and Imogen Cunningham although she does not consider them as direct influences on her work.  Most important were the conversations about images, vision and visual spirituality in the formative photographic years at Andover and Bennington.  Merrimon Crawford credits her study of literature and her current book reviewing as an integral part in refining her artistic vision.

Color marks a new direction in the photography of Merrimon Crawford.  Although she works with a digital camera now, her images are composed at the time of shooting, within the camera, with very little or no digital manipulation of the original image.   Light is often an essential element of her images, shadow-creating light as well as a darker, moodier light.  Her images maximize shape, form and design.  Through her eye, ordinary, everyday objects are given new perspectives.  Her images provoke a tone of meditative solitude, even her urban cityscapes.

Photographs by Merrimon Crawford have been shown in numerous group shows across the country.  Awards include: Juror's Selection: CONTRASTS International Women's Exhibition, First Prize in Single Image: Landscapes and Cityscapes for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, 2011; Honorable Mention in Single Image: Architecture and Interiors for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, 2011;  Honorable Mention in Landscapes and Cityscapes for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, 2010.

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